B1 Usability Package


Get more value with your SAP Business One Solution


B1 Usability Package is a certified add-on for SAP Business One aimed at making it a more smooth and easy platform to work with. The package is very user-friendly and allows consultants to carry out configuration tasks that were previously only possible for developers.


B1 Usability Package consists of a number of various modules with specific functions for different tasks. The modules can be turned on and off manually.

Rather than relying on expensive development work, B1UP lets you customise SAP Business One to suit your needs, and in turn cut this portion of your working day to a fraction of the size that it is now, saving you and your colleague’s time and your company money. With the B1UP, you can maximise the daily use of your SAP Business One by customising it by e.g. changing the layout of every window in SAP Business One, hide unused fields, create shortcuts, create mandatory fields and much more. With the B1UP, you can have a SAP Business One who works for you and are tailored to your specific needs, instead of having fields you do not need etc. interrupting your daily work routine.

Furthermore, you now have the possibility to integrate useful functions such as recurring invoicing and letter merge into your SAP Business One, without having your SAP partner develop a costly solution.

 B1 UP includes:

  •  Function buttons           
  •  Mandatory Fields           
  •  Item Placement Tool    
  •  Add and Edit Menus     
  •  Tab Control       
  •  Default Data     
  •  Toolbox              
  •  Template system           
  •  Quick Create    
  •  Recurring invoices         
  •  PLD Extensions
  •  B1 Search          
  •  Letter Merge   
  •  Exchange Rates              
  •  Account Balances           
  •  B1 Validation system    
  •  Universal Functions      
  •  Master Data manager  
  •  Make items Read Only